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Tables: 1200*4000 mm.....Max. Speed: 6000RPM.....X/Y/Z travels: 4000/1650/800 mm.....Table Max. Load: 6000 kg.....Net Weight of Frame: 27000 kg
BMC-1640 Overview

Accuracy standard implemented: ISO10791-2:2001 (JB/T8771.1998).

Smartech supplys both frame and complete machine, below is the introduction of frame.
Standard Components:
1.    High-quality castings processed with resin sand and wooden molds ;
2.    Imported linear guideways on X and Y axes (X axis box-way optional). Harden & ground on Z axis slideway and Turcite-B coated with precise scraping ;
3.    Rexroth, BSG or HPS (brand of) ball screws ;
4.    NSK or FAG bearings for supporting ball screws ;
5.    Gear-drive box of French brand, rack of Swiss brand, spindle reducer of German brand ; 
6.    Beijyu or Haocheng brand (Taiwan) of tool unclamping system ;
7.    R&W or Mayr couplings from Germany ;
8.    Keyarrow (Taiwan) brand of telescopic covers, stainless steel cover on all axes ;
9.    Centralized lubrication system of Byjur or HERG brand ;
10.  Hydraulic balancing cylinder.
* Same price for all the brands mentioned.
Optional Components:
1     Replace box-type guideway with linear railway ;
2     Direct-drive spindle or with ZF reducer ;
3     Universal milling head, right-angle milling head or lengthened milling head ;
4     Coolant through spindle ;
5     Coolant pump of Taiwan brand Walrus ;
6     Outside guarding, standard or specially designed for client ;
7     Chip conveyor: helix type, chain type ;
8     CNC pre-installed for client, complete machine ready to use ;
9.    ATC: drum type, arm type or chain type.


BMC-1640 Specifications
BMC-1640 - Comparar:
X Axis 4000 mm
Y Axis 1650 mm
Z Axis 800 mm
Spindle to Column Slideway 1650 mm
Spindle Nose to Worktable 175-975 mm (X friction-type); 115-915 mm (X linear-type)
Table Size 1200*4000 mm
Max. Load 6000 kg
Number of T-slots 7
Size of T-slot  22
Distance between T-slots  170
Spindle Taper / Dia. BT50 / 190
Max. Speed 6000 rpm (3000 rpm for gear head)
Type of Transmission Direct-drive
Direct-type + ZF reducer
Belt-type (transmission ratio 1:1 or 1:1.5)
Spindle Motor Recommended 22 Kw
Type of Guideway Z friction type, X friction type or  linear type, Y linear type
Specification of Linear Railway 55 mm (Y); 55 mm (X optional), 
X Axis Ball Screws Spec. (Dia. / Lead) 63 / 10
Y, Z Axis Ball Screw Spec. (Dia. / Lead) 50 / 10
Drive Motor Recommended (X / Y / Z) 40 / 30 / 30 Nm
Type of Transmission of X/Y/Z Belt-drive
Transmission Ratio of X/Y/Z X 2.5:1; Y, Z 2:1
Positioning Accuracy 0.008 / 300 mm
Repeatability 0.005
Net Weight 27000 Kg